A Musical Family

Saxophone Quartet

My dad, Bob Buffham, on the left

"Good News" Gospel Quartet

My brother Chuck on the piano & my brother Bob on right

My grandaughter

"Am I old enough to take music lessons, Grandpa?"

A Note from Tom

Born into a musical family, I began teaching wind instruments at age 16 and performing professionally (GR Symphony, Ray Gill Jazz Orchestra, Weddings) at age 17. After college I taught in the schools for 4 years. Now my day job is in manufacturing and I teach privately.

I am married with 3 sons who love God, basketball, and music (go figure).

When I left home, I stopped attending church and experienced a corresponding spiritual decline. Upon returning to GR, I attended Fountain Street Church and Unity in the Pines, at which time a friend invited me to watch "Jesus of Nazareth" on Easter Sunday in 1977. I asked God to take over my life. He accepted my invitation (actually, I accepted his - Revelation 3:20). Life has been a blessed adventure ever since. I now attend Georgetown Christian Fellowship.

Keith Green's song "Your Love Broke Through" expresses beautifully the change that I experienced! I urge all my friends & acquaintances, regardless of your faith, to check out the facts concerning the Christian faith, especially on the subject of fulfilled prophecy. Seeing how God predicted details of Jesus' birth, death, and resurrection in Psalm 22, Isaiah 7:14, 53:1-12 & Zechariah 12 & 14, etc. These provide a powerful foundation from which we put the details and controversies in perspective. Followers of Christ are sometimes a poor reflection of Christ, that's why the Book is so important.