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What is the cost?

My basic plan is $100/month for (4) 30 minute lessons. 

Can I do a different plan?

Yes, you can have full-hour lessons, or every other week, or by appointment. Whatever works for you. I'm flexible!

When should I begin music lessons?

An age to start music lessons can range widely. If you see signs of a special gift or love for music, you could start them as early as 5 on a simple instrument like piano or recorder (song flute) or the Suzuki violin classes. 

On the other extreme, I've had adults begin and progress well (if they practice regularly). I recently had a man in his ‘70’s taking hour-long lessons. 

Can you come to our home? 

Yes, but that will probably cost more depending on where you live.

What instruments do you teach?

Piano, ukulele, guitar and almost all band instruments.

What instruments do you play? 

I played trumpet in the Grand Rapids Symphony and U-M bands.

I have played trumpet, saxophone, clarinet and flute in weddings.

I have played all these, plus piano, guitar, and bass in churches.

Do you teach jazz or classical? Reading music or playing by ear?

I teach all of these. I have performed in the Grand Rapids Symphony, etc. which requires both reading music and transposition. I have also performed Dixieland, Jazz Quintet, and Big Band Jazz, doing improvised solos. I also play in church doing Christian Contemporary styles, which involves learning a song by ear from YouTube or creating my own parts by improvisation.

I also took "Jazz Workshop" at University of Michigan, and attended a "Jamie Aebersold/Dan Haerle Jazz Workshop" at Hays, KS in 1977 to further develop my skills.

More Questions?

If you have more questions, please contact me through the "Enroll" page. This is not a commitment, it just begins the conversation.

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